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24"24"X1 1/2"


Painting is my Passion.   THE GAILLERY is  where I  showcase all my works.  Being fascinated with art as a child I  immersed myself in painting most of my life;  my paintings reflect ongoing personal observations of the world.

After years of working in sales and marketing as an accomplished sales and marketing professional, with over 20 years combined experience as a Real Estate Agent, Commercial Furniture Representative with a showroom in the Los Angeles Pacific Design Center, and Director of Sales and Marketing in Senior Living, I retired.

During the years of raising my children and working, I still painted, but did't have the time to do as much as I would have liked.  My desire to follow a craving for artistic mastery eventually lead me to attend UCLA, Otis Art Center and private classes with accomplished artists.

Now, I have the chance to paint full time.   With an art studio in my home,  I have the freedom to paint and create works of art full time.


I produce various works in oils, acrylics, collage and mixed media.  Seeing the outcome of my work with color, shape and all the patterns coming together is the greatest part of painting. The really best part, is getting the colors to work well together in a frank and genuine way. My works embrace reality and abstract content .






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